It is with great anticipation and appreciation that we welcome you to the Greater Faith Empowerment Center Website. We invite you to join us as our "Special Guest" at any of our services. It would be an honor that this contact with you was not by accident but divine purpose.
Kingdom Empowerment
GFEC is not a denomination; GFEC is a CENTER for healing and restoration: spirit, soul and body. The purpose of this center is to provide a extensive range of spiritual, educational and professional benefits to assist individuals and families in fulfilling their respective roles in the Body of Christ. GFEC is structured and organized to provide preaching, teaching and fostering growth to believers in order for them to manifest Godís Kingdom in the earth.
We fervently desire to see that every believer is equipped with the necessary tools to mature into their individual call and purpose.

The goal of GFEC is to
provide healing to the wounded through the Word of God and show the lost the way to salvation through the power of Jesus Christ.
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Kingdom Apostolic Network
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School of the Spirit Every 2nd Friday of the Month 7pm at Greater Faith Empowerment Center
A Center for Healing and Restoration
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